Tuesday, October 31, 2017

Why We're Supporting Victoria Woodards For Tacoma

We've received some questions about our endorsement and Progressive Voters Guide recommendation for Victoria Woodards. Rather than respond to each individually, we're sharing more information here about our process and rationale for supporting Woodards. 

Our Progressive Voters Guide recommendations in Tacoma and across the state are based on the endorsements of our partner organizations, which are listed here, along with interviews with local experts, publicly available candidate questionnaires, and our own independent research.

In addition, Fuse sponsored two mayoral candidate forums, interviewed the candidates, and received written questionnaires as part of our organizational endorsements process. Our extensive research and interviews made it clear to us that Victoria Woodards is the best candidate to be the next mayor of Tacoma.

We believe that Tacoma needs a progressive leader who has the knowledge and experience to meet the challenges of homelessness, affordable housing, the opioid crisis, and combating climate change.  Woodards has a long track record of public service that will serve her well as mayor. She supports working families and is committed to maintaining safe and healthy neighborhoods across Tacoma.  Moreover, Woodards understands the importance of addressing institutional racism and has a demonstrated history of working within communities of color and building diverse coalitions to address the problems facing Tacoma.

We are also keenly aware of the environmental issues facing Tacoma. Fighting climate change has always been a top priority at Fuse, which is why we worked with our partners to block coal and oil export facilities in Bellingham, Longview, and Grays Harbor, organized turnout against oil trains in Seattle and Spokane, and supported the governor’s efforts to cap carbon pollution.

Although we disagree with Woodards’ support for the LNG proposal, we appreciate that she has been clear in her opposition to additional fossil fuel facilities in the Tideflats. We believe that protecting the Tideflats is the most important environmental issue facing Tacoma, which is why opposing any fossil fuel facilities there is the top priority for our organizers in Pierce County.

Whoever wins, we're committed to working with the next mayor to build a healthy and prosperous future for the people of Tacoma. 

You can find our full voting recommendations for Tacoma and cities across the state in our Progressive Voters Guide.